Thursday, March 20, 2014

Chaining Dynamixel XL-320 Servos with AX-12

I've been experimenting with the XL-320 servos. Their small size and low cost make them perfect for actuating the non load bearing parts of a robot. For example, a pan/tilt camera and hand grippers. Ideally I'd like to chain the XL-320s to the existing AX-12s in my robot to save weight and space. There are a few problems though:

  • They require 7.5v versus 12v.
  • They use a Molex Micro-Latch connector instead of the Spox

I decided to build a small board that lowers the voltage and adapts the connector types. It was a little tricky finding a efficient voltage regulator that was small and powerful enough. The people on the Trossen Robotics Forums helped though. Finally settled on the SR05S7V2.

Wiring was straight forward:

AX-12 Data -> XL-320 Data
AX-12 GND -> XL-320 GND -> SR GND
AX-12 VDD -> SR V-IN
XL-320 VDD -> SR V-OUT

Some pictures.



  1. I know this is old, and maybe you've abandoned this blogspot already, but i wanna ask if CM-730 from darwin op can detect XL-320?
    Thanks in advance

  2. If it works with the AX-12's then it will work with the XL-320, they use the same exact protocol.

    You just need to change the voltage from 12v to 7.4v

    1. hello sir, i have try this with 2 battery and 2 OpenCm. battery 3 cell for Ax-12 and battery 2cell for XL-320. But why only xl-320 that was running. and AX-12 only get power but not data. would you like to explain to me. whats wrong with this?

    2. The point of this project was to only use one battery. A 12v battery. If you are using two batteries at the same time then there is some confusion.

    3. my wiring like this :
      (+)12v battery to (+) AX-12
      (-)12v battery to (-)7.4v battery & to (-)AX-12 & (-)XL-320
      data AX-12 to data XL-320 and data of OpenCM.

      what do you thing about this? would you like to explain to me, what should i do, if i dont have the regurator?

    4. or what do you thing if i use 5V for XL-320? so i can use ubec regurator for this system.

    5. Your setup should work. Did you assign the AX-12 and the XL-320 different IDs? If they are using the same ID there will be a conflict.

      I don't know if XL-320 will work at 5v, you'd have to check the specs.

    6. yes. i have check the ID. AX-12 use ID13 and XL-320 use ID6

    7. but if i use only one kind of servo, it is work. but if i combine both of them, only one kind of servo that was working.

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  5. Hello Aaron
    I'm doing a project that I want the AX-12a and XL-320 to work with Arduino Mega and IC: 74LS241N

    They work separately, but not together.

    TX = 1
    Rx = 0
    Data = 2

    Voltage AX 12a = 12 V. 1Mb.
    Voltage XL 320 = 7.4 V. 1Mb.

    Ax 12a program:

    //------------------------Libreria Servos Dymnamixel AX-12----------------------------

    //-------------------------Declaracion De Variables-----------------------------------
    int vservo = 1023; // velocidad movimiento de los dedos (0-1023)

    void setup(){
    Dynamixel.begin(1000000,2); //Velocidad datos 1Mbps Pin Rx=0 Tx=1 Control 2 Servos

    Dynamixel.setEndless(1,OFF); // Desconecta la rueda de los servos
    Dynamixel.setEndless(2,OFF); // Desconecta la rueda de los servos
    Dynamixel.setEndless(3,OFF); // Desconecta la rueda de los servos
    Dynamixel.setEndless(4,OFF); // Desconecta la rueda de los servos
    Dynamixel.setEndless(5,OFF); // Desconecta la rueda de los servos



    void loop(){
    Dynamixel.moveSpeed(1,200,vservo); // Id, Posicion (0-1023), Velocidad (0-1023)
    delay (1000);
    delay (1000);

    Program XL 320:

    // ========================================
    // Dynamixel XL-320 Arduino library example
    // ========================================

    // Read more:

    #include "XL320.h"

    XL320 robot; // Name your robot (Si no no funciona¡)

    #include // Si desea utilizar Software Serial, descomente esta línea.
    SoftwareSerial mySerial(0, 1); // (RX, TX) // Set the SoftwareSerial RX & TX pins

    void setup() {


    robot.setJointSpeed(10, 1020); // Indica la Velocidad del servo XL320 (0-1023)


    void loop() {

    robot.moveJoint(10,1023); // (id,angulo (0-1024))


    I beg you inform me how to make it work together.

    Thank you so much

  6. Hard to say, I used a OpenCM 9 for my project. Not sure if that's the difference.